Jeff Hawks

Wheeled Robots and Their Impact in Various Industries as Explored by Jeff Hawks

Jeff Hawks Demonstrates How Wheeled Robots are Helping Industries Across the Globe

A wheeled robot is one that is capable of movement. The level of robotics is becoming more advanced as a result of autonomous sensor platforms, computer vision, and the integration of biomechanics. Jeff Hawks has a Ph.D. in Engineering and works in integrating robots into industry automation and other applications. 

One of the areas where wheeled robots are being used, Jeff Hawks explains, is within the agricultural industry. Farmers are able to use robots to automate more tasks. They can boost productivity and learn more about their crops. Jeff Hawks has also shown how robots can be used to improve safety, such as allowing a remote-control robot can be used to manipulate sweep augers. Prior to the robots, individuals would enter the grain bins, which can become a death trap.

Jeff Hawks has worked closely with farmers and manufacturers to ensure that the robot design is capable of helping farmworkers. It uses lights and cameras to assist farmers with lifting the sweep auger so that grain can flow continuously. In addition to the agricultural industry, Jeff Hawks has shown that wheeled robots can be used in other areas. Doctors and surgeons have been able to gain assistance using robots.

With all of the advanced technology that has been going into robotics, more industries are learning that they can benefit. Although it requires a considerable investment, it can pay off in the end because of the assistance that it offers.

Jeff Hawks has been testing a variety of prototypes, including a robotic arm for welding. He has been focused on mechatronics along with wheeled robotic systems. With his grant consultation work, he has been looking to see how the various robotic systems can help in different industries. One of these areas is in exercise equipment designed for patients with disabilities.

While most of what Jeff Hawks works on is for the agricultural and farming industry, his work has proven to be useful for many other industries. He has also worked on research for biomedical devices for NASA along with surgical robots that can be used at the Army’s Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center. Jeff Hawks has also explored how wheeled robots can be used in construction. He was responsible for writing an academic thesis, guided by work of the Army Research Laboratory for clearing and observing buildings in urban environments, on using a tethered robot system for navigating a building wall in 2007. This has proven that robots can be vital to architects, general contractors, and others.

With a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering, Jeff Hawks has proven that wheeled robots and systems have a role in many industries. It can provide users with the ability to access more areas in order to be safer and gain more information about their environment.

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