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What ResearchGate Does for Jeff Hawks of Nebraska

Networking is important, regardless of industry; including science & research. Jeff Hawks of Nebraska explains what ResearchGate does for him and his career.

Jeff Hawks NebraskaNetworking is of the utmost importance if you want to get anywhere in your career. For as good a good work ethic and skill set can do for you, not having a way to get your name out there and make connections can often be a very limiting factor. Certain websites and organizations exist to create networking opportunities, and some deal with specific niches, like ResearchGate, which gives networking opportunities for people who work in science and research. Jeff Hawks of Nebraska, a user of ResearchGate, discusses how ResearchGate helps him in his respective industry.

Jeff Hawks of Nebraska on the Value and Result of ResearchGate

One of the best parts of ResearchGate is its size. Having a lot of members — approximately 16 million in total — helps members find the most diverse selection of researchers and scientists to potentially network with, Jeff Hawks of Nebraska notes. The service is also free, ensuring that the service is not prohibitive based on cost. You don’t want to keep out a brilliant mind just because they cannot afford the service now, right?

ResearchGate also provides the invaluable service of hosting your research and data, Jeff Hawks of Nebraska mentions. Not only are you able to speak to various other researchers and/or scientists, but you can engage with their work, as can they. This can be a great way to be “discovered,” as it were, Similarly, you can find like-minded individuals whose research may give you a perspective you may not have otherwise recognized. As Jeff Hawks of Nebraska says, everyone has their blind spots, so collaborating and researching similar works can help. Furthermore, the website provides valuable data on traffic and usage.


Jeff Hawks of Nebraska notes that you can see not only how many people have read your works, but also every time your research gets cited, and by whom.

Sometimes, that blind spot can be pretty powerful, Jeff Hawks of Nebraska notes. In order to make up for it, you can specifically ask questions of others, hoping that someone may be able to offer you the response that you need. Additionally, if you are in need of work in relevant areas, a job board is available for your purview. Something like this can do a world of good to get your foot in the door or, at the very least, get some experience in your chosen field, Jeff Hawks of Nebraska points out. These features have proven invaluable for Jeff Hawks of Nebraska, and frankly, just about anyone can see dividends paid from joining, especially given it’s free. It may be the first step to a huge career.

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