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Robotics Expert Jeff Hawks Discusses the Benefits of Using Robotic Arms for Welding Applications

Robotics expert Jeff Hawks discusses the benefits of using robotic arms for welding applications. 

Manufacturers know that welding personnel can be difficult to find. Those who are experts in the trade have become even rarer in recent years, as the welding profession becomes less popular among young people. Robotics expert Jeff Hawks explains that robotic welding allows manufacturers to complete more than one welding operation per person at a time. Using robotic arms for welding offers a number of other advantages as well.

According to robotics experts like Jeff Hawks, integrating robotic arms for welding can help companies easily optimize their staff. Rural areas have an especially difficult time maintaining the workforce. One experienced welder can gain assistance and oversee the work of several robotic arms. This means the company can assist their welders and improve the job environment. 

Jeff Hawks explains that completing the same welding jobs over and over can be extremely boring for more experienced welders. This often results in higher employee turnover, and companies needing to train employees multiple times for the same position. Jeff Hawks states that improving the job environment for the employees improves the turnover of welders. Younger welders have been raised in a society of technology and ‘smart’ devices. Generally, they enjoy embracing that type of technology in the workplace as well.

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Another way robotic welding arms reduce a company’s cost and increase profit is through decreased waste. Less weld wire and other materials are used because the robotic welding arms make fewer mistakes. Additionally, Jeff Hawks explains that robotics allows parts that need to be welded to run through the system quicker than if they were welded by personnel. Placement and routines are set for the robotic welding arm, decreasing production times, and increasing profit. 

Robotics expert Jeff Hawks states that robotic welding arms offer countless advantages to manufacturers. However, he adds that a few factors are still holding companies back from implementing these robotics practices. For a long time, companies need robotics experts like Jeff Hawks on hand to program the welding arms and properly prepare them for work. 

Jeff Hawks explains that recent advancements to the industry have led to devices that teach the robotic welding arms how to perform the required task. He explains that this major advancement could be what makes robotic welding arms drastically more popular among manufacturers in the coming months and years.

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