Jeff Hawks
Jeff Hawks

Jeff Hawks Joins ResearchGate to Share His Knowledge of Robotics & Automation

Jeff Hawks celebrates his acceptance into ResearchGate as a contributor in a variety of academic fields, including robotics & automation.

Jeff Hawks has spent years studying robotics and automation. This has helped him work in several different fields, from farming to surgery. While Jeff Hawks works in research and academia for a living, he also does it for his passion for the work. He has had several highly creditable peer-reviewed journal publications. He is excited to continue to add his research to the vast body of knowledge available to professors, students, scientists, researchers, and the world at large.

ResearchGate is a platform to continue to disseminate that information. It also serves as a way to share white papers prior to publication for discussion among peers. Jeff Hawks explains that ResearchGate works well for establishing collaboration with researchers working in similar fields and on similar projects.

Jeff Hawks Makes His First Contribution to ResearchGate

Not only does Jeff Hawks hope to learn from ResearchGate, but he has already started work as a contributor. In 2016, Jeff Hawks published Numerical Investigation of Two-Phase Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluid Discharged from a Sauce Dispenser: TWO-PHASE FLOW OF NON-NEWTONIAN FLUID with his researcher partners Ruiyan Chen, Zhaoyan Zhang, and Peter Edwards. According to Jeff Hawk’s profile, the study looked at the following:

“Fluid dispensers are widely used in various food processing applications. The present work investigates a two-phase flow of sauce discharged from a dispenser. Preliminary simulations were conducted to study the effects of non-Newtonian properties on the resulting flow. It was found that the non-Newtonian properties of the sauce tend to distribute the flow more toward the mid-plane of the fluid field…Through numerical investigations of the dispensing process, the present work proposes optimized dispenser geometry and provides physical insights into the breakup time and the breakup length of the liquid film. Based on these findings, the better design of the sauce dispenser can be achieved.”

Jeff Hawks Focuses on Robotics and Automation

However, Jeff Hawks isn’t just riding on the success of his past work. Currently, he is working on several projects in robotics and automation. These projects will involve real-world tests on automotive processes and devices.

First, he will be testing a prototype low-cost robotic arm for welding. Though this project is still in the development stages, it could prove vital for a number of industries. Robotic welding arms could also make welding safer for industrial workers.

During this work, Jeff Hawks also plans to integrate robotic systems for farm applications. Many farm appliances require welding, which would help both projects go hand-in-hand. In any case, robotics for farmers could greatly reduce the need for manual farming around the world. Thanks to his acceptance to ResearchGate, Jeff Hawks will be able to share the results of his work with the world as soon as he finishes these projects!

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