Jeff Hawks

Jeff Hawks Explains the Boost the Construction Industry is Getting from Robotics

Tethered Robot Systems are Offering Safety and Productivity in Construction as Jeff Hawks Shows

Construction projects can be cumbersome. Depending on the project, safety risks and issues with productivity can occur. While some employees may be suited toward one particular skill, technology can be used to make things easier. Jeff Hawks, an engineer who earned a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, explores how tethered robot systems are being used throughout the construction industry.

Jeff Hawks of Nebraska has spent a considerable amount of his career focusing on robotic development. He has spent time working on mechatronic devices, specifically. This helps improve the efficacy of fabricating various products. He has shown how this kind of technology can be useful within the construction industry. Construction companies of all sizes can embrace the robots to see the benefits that are offered.

One of the projects that Jeff Hawks of Nebraska has been particularly excited about is how tethered robot systems can be used to aid in wall construction and maintenance. In fact, he wrote his master’s thesis on these systems. It demonstrates how construction projects can be simplified by employing robot systems that will assist in handling a significant amount of the work involved.

Typically, building a wall involves several crew members. There is a need to balance the weight while providing the necessary structural support. If the crew members have not been professionally trained, it can lead to a serious safety incident. Further, it can destroy property in the process, as Jeff Hawks has seen first-hand.

Tethered robot systems can be used in a number of applications. It all depends on the level of technology needed and what kind of construction project is in place. Jeff Hawks explains that robots are capable of navigating taller walls. It can take measurements, help with the building process, and even provide analysis.

When robot systems are used, it improves the employee’s ability to complete the task safely. Jeff Hawks of Nebraska explains that the technology will boost productivity during a construction project. Employees can work in other areas while the robotic systems will take care of other tasks. It reduces the amount of labor and can provide a higher quality of work. Robotic systems are more calculated. They don’t make as many errors, oftentimes human errors are caused by fatigue. It can ensure the work gets done properly without causing harm to an employee along the way.

New technology is being created all the time. In addition to tethered robot systems, there are various other robotic systems that can be incorporated into the construction industry. Companies that are looking to boost productivity and obtain a higher level of analysis can embrace the latest robotics within their operations, Jeff Hawks explains.

Jeff Hawks of Nebraska continues to work on ways that robots can be used within a variety of industries. He also works closely with other engineers who are seeking grants to boost technology even further.

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