Jeff Hawks

How Scientists Can Benefit from Grant Consultations with Jeff Hawks

Jeff Hawks Offers to Work with Scientists to Ensure They Get the Grants They Need for Valuable Research

Grant writers struggle with submitting and winning grants that can be used to fuel their research. Scientists admit that they don’t know where to look for funding. Further, many areas are highly competitive, leading to the need to focus on what makes their proposal unique. Jeff Hawks of Nebraska, a former research assistant professor in mechanical engineering, has focused heavily on robotic technology for the agricultural, medical, and space exploration industries and has won a number of grants.

The grants that Jeff Hawks has won have allowed him to focus more heavily on mechatronic devices and biomechanics. He believes that successful grant applications need to show how the work can be used to improve existing operations and even improve compliance.

Jeff Hawks has begun offering grant consultations so that other scientists can benefit from grants being offered without having to worry about the details. There are many programs, universities, and companies offering to fund research. It can make it easier for people to continue their innovative research methods while getting the necessary money to move forward.

Jeff Hawks finds that it’s important to show off the big picture. Many scientists write grant applications to focus on what they’re doing. What they fail to do is show how their research will help with the big picture applications. The impact of a grant on a research field is critical.

Throughout the grant consultations, Jeff Hawks focuses on some of the biggest issues. This includes acknowledging that there are timelines. Scientists need to dedicate the time necessary to complete the grant proposals to ensure that they are getting the necessary funding. Further, it is critical to tell a good story with a sound scientific method to analyze results. Many scientists get too involved in the details and, therefore, applications are rejected because the reviewers aren’t understanding what is going on.

Jeff Hawks also identifies that many ideas are too overambitious. He has received a number of grants because of learning how to narrow his focus. As opposed to simply focusing on robotic technology, he looks at assisting agriculture and farming with the technology. He has also focused on researching biomedical devices, and more specifically semi-autonomous robots used in the military.

When Jeff Hawks works with scientists on their own grants, he looks at simplifying the explanation or application of the scientific method to obtain results. It can make it easier to find specific grants where there is less competition. It can also ensure that reviewers understand the concept and can get on board with the ideas.

Jeff Hawks has begun offering grants consultations as a way to move science forward. With so many grants being offered, he wants to ensure that those with exceptional ideas have the ability to get the funding they need in order to bring new technology into various industries. More specifically, Jeff Hawks wants to work with those specializing in biomechanics.

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