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Robotics Expert Jeff Hawks Discusses the Benefits of Using Robotic Arms for Welding Applications

Robotics expert Jeff Hawks discusses the benefits of using robotic arms for welding applications.  Manufacturers know that welding personnel can be difficult to find. Those who are experts in the trade have become even rarer in recent years, as the welding profession becomes less popular among young people. Robotics expert Jeff Hawks explains that robotic […]

Dr. Jeff Hawks Discusses Rehabilitation Robots and How They’re Revolutionizing Sports Therapy

Engineer Dr. Jeff Hawks discusses rehabilitation robots and how they’re revolutionizing the sports therapy occupation. The medical industry has always relied heavily on technology. Technological advancements are often what influence new surgeries, healing strategies, and other treatments. The field of sports therapy is no different. Recently, engineer Dr. Jeff Hawks discussed rehabilitation robots and how […]

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Surgical Robotics are Explored by Jeff Hawks of Nebraska

Surgeons require a significant amount of precision in the operating room. They’re often tasked with such things as open-heart surgeries, removing gall bladders, and more. When incisions are made, risks include bleeding out, infection, and other issues. Jeff Hawks of Nebraska discovers that there are more tools given to surgeons than ever before. Jeff Hawks of Nebraska, […]